Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Despondent and afraid, she walked along
The road they said led to somewhere.
Cause the hope that had surged at the start of the path
The songs she had hummed when the journey begun
Had faded, been muted, by her thoughts on the run.

Yet she walked on bravely, shoulders drooping,
With the weight of the sorrow in her soul.
For every step that was taking her somewhere
Was really just taking her
Further from home.

The loneliness pressed closer, suffocating her senses.
And really she just wanted to scream.
But her throat was too dry, her soul much too weak.
So she walked on quietly,
Mumbling a prayer for those left behind.

And then in the distance she could finally see
The end of her path, a place to be free.
As it rose on the horizon, her heart skipped  a beat
For she saw the uniforms, the batons and the barbed wire fences
Beckoning yet  Menacing... could she dare to fly free.

And that song that had sprung from hope, from survival
Bubbled again, giving her new strength.
She forced a smile, walked on; freedom so near,
After what she had been through
What's to be, shouldn't have her in fear; should it?